Concession Stand Duties

Our Concession Stand, located at Muchowski Field, is an important part of our league. The funds it generates helps us provide low league fees to our families and to provide the league with safe, age appropriate equipment.

But it so much more that this. It is a fun place to get a treat after a game, It is dinner for families running out the door to get to their games. It is the place to grab a snack after practice. Community neighbors enjoy coming in for a quick, cheap meal.

However, it takes the entire league to work it throughout the season. Once the schedule is built, a sign up sheet will be sent to all families. We request that all families work two shifts for the season. Since we are a small community and league we, unfortunately, do not have exclusions to this request and all families, including coaching families are needed to help!




Sports Drinks

Iced Tea

Boost Slushies

Blue Raspberry Slushies

Dinner at the Ball Park



Hot Dogs

Porkroll Sandwiches

Porkroll & Cheese Sandwiches

Jersey Burger


French Fries

Mozzarella Sticks

Cheese Fries

Nachos & Cheese

Philly Soft Pretzels

Assorted Candy

Ice Cream

Italian Ice